Did You Know About these Anti-Vibration Pads?

Anti-vibration pads

I am sure you always would be searching for smart gadgets and objects that can make your life easy, cutting off your time and effort. Be it a vacuum cleaner to clean your home, a washing machine to wash your clothes, or simply a dishwasher to clean all your used dishes. But have ever heard complaints from your spouse or kids about the disturbance they feel when these appliances vibrate swiftly?

Errr… this is so rude. We understand, but don’t you feel annoyed too? Well don’t tell me you have no other choice because we are hear with a great solution – Anti Vibration Pads.

Azal Furniture Lifting Base Washer and Dryer Anti-Vibration Pads

anti-vibration pads

Anti-vibration pads

These anti-vibration pads have multipurpose uses: 

  • It acts as a furniture-lifting base washer and dryer
  • Serves as vibration pad for washing machine
  • Acts as leveling feet for refrigerator, sofa, bed & washing machine.
  • Keep your machine glued to the floor with a unique grip pattern.

These Anti-Vibration Pads are made with high quality and reduce the noisy vibrations of your washer, dryer, and other vibrating or rotating machines. Their round design allows for more surface contact, is durable, and is made of pure natural rubber & plastic. 

And the best part is there’s no rocket science involved to use them – simply tilt the appliance and slip them into place and adjust the feet to perfection.

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